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Collection and treatment of industrial waste (Tsuchiura City, Tsukuba City)

★Plastic, bags, and stretch film from distribution centers and factories.

How do you handle this?


Is it mixed with general waste?

This is industrial waste! but

Our company can collect at a low fee.

(Please inquire about the price. *It depends on the area. That is the transportation cost. Disposal is low cost.)

The disposal unit price of waste plastic is very high because it is light.

However, we can reduce this cost.

? ? ? Am I doing something illegal? ? ?

No, you don't have to.

Collection and disposal through regular routes is a matter of course! !


The above will properly dispose of your waste under natural conditions.

Currently, we are receiving many requests for the collection and processing of "industrial waste" from our distribution center customers.

Ibaraki Prefecture believes that the number of distribution centers will continue to increase in the future.

Please feel free to contact Toei Shoji.

Today, I wrote an article about waste plastic.

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